Friday, 10 May 2013

Maya Links

Dynamics & Mental Ray

Mental Ray_Global Illumination

Mental Ray:Mia_Material_X

Friday, 3 May 2013

Cycle & Turnaround Final Update

My In Game Stills With Point Bar

Here I have applied my points bar to my 6 stills. I have made it so the points also change to try to fully embed it into game play. I quite like my little points bar and are a nice addition to the shots. It make it look more hole and game like.

Dagger throw cycle

Jump cycle

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Point Bar Thumbnails

Here are the point bars I was experimenting with. Out of these I chose the bottom one as I believe it fits my world more than the others.




Points Bar-Colour Try Outs

Here Im now looking at a points bar. Its based on the idea that when the bar fills you get a star and so on. More stars and more you fill the bar the more point you have. However I am unsure on the colour of the star once you obtain it. Ive tried more pastel like colours but I am unsure of what works.

Im more leaning towards the more orange one on the left as I feel it fit in more with the colour scheme.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Set & Character Stills [p3] 3/3

Here I am putting one of my cycles to use. Another key action in this game is jumping from place to place. Its how the character gets around in the levels. So here in these 3 ive tried to show how he jumps inside the set.

Step 1
Prep For Jump

Step 2
Mid Jump

Step 3

Set & Character Stills [p2] 3/3

Here are the 3 stills to show the character interacting with the set as well as showing how he takes out the lights. Ive tried to capture this as actual game play with these 3 to show the way the character will take out lights in the game almost as if this was in game footage.

Step 1
Before Throw

 Step 2
During Throw

 Step 3
After Throw And Lights Out

Still Poses With Set [p1]

I now intend to do a small series of key stills with the character in the set. These key stills will be of actions that involve he character and set. ie taking out lights and jumping from place to place.

Taking out lights.

Before throw

Mid throw